From President’s Desk

Dr. Varadarajan

Dr. Varadarajan Founder President

M.A.B.Ed., Ph.D- Italy


Dear Teacher Aspirants,

If you know the reasons for my selecting “education” as my sole career option, you will fathom the real cause for my laying so much emphasis on this College of Education and Research.

I realized at my teens that it was only “Education” which could salvage the country from the stigma of illiteracy and so was my decision to embrace education in preference over any lucrative avocation. While in my B.Ed, in 1979 it further came to be revealed that it is the teaching community only that can shoulder this major task of salvation by grooming the budding citizens from the very class-room levels.

My interaction with International experts at different International Seminars and Conferences on ‘Education’ at U.K., U.S.A., Thailand, Middle East countries only confirmed my conviction about the need of R&D in ‘Education’ for qualitative improvement in order to be globally competitive. The establishment of National Center for R&D in Education, Science and Technology in the year 1993 was thus the outcome of my conviction while my findings from the International Seminars have only added advanced overtures to appropriation of R&D findings for global excellence.

The establishment of this B.Ed. College & Research has been a collation of my thoughts – viz, the importance of education for the country, the piquant role of teachers in its advancement and the infusion of quality in teaching through R&D, with a view to achieving world class excellence. In fine I do reckon this college as one consolidating all my philosophies on education and thus a dream project of mine.

I welcome you all to this novel voyage of education through research and expect of you the degree of dedication that you should have to attach, keeping in view the inherent multiple objectives that this course is designed to serve you and your country.

Dr. R. Varadarajan
NES-SVB Group of Institution

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