SVB Group

The management of the college rests on Saraswathi Vidya Bhavan a registered Trust, which streamed into life on 14th April, 1983, in a downtrodden area of Bhandup, on the Central suburb of the Metropolis.

The two vital tasks that the Education Group set before it to achieve its philosophy were to make education more and more profession oriented so as to contribute to National Progress and the second was, to have a permanent set up at National level to be solely responsible to enhance the quality of education through research round the clock, through its trust Saraswathi Vidya Bhavan and NES. In the area of advancing the quality of education, in the entire Education Group set up a National center for R&D in Education, Science and Technology in 1993. The centre is functionally engaged in deducing more and more innovative methods of teaching in all 3 branches, Education, Science and Technology. Through various seminars at the State and National levels, the Center has been disseminating its research findings to the teaching community all over India

To professionalize education, the SVB first took over a Teachers’ Training Institute from its Sister Trust, National Education Society at Bhandup (W), and started turning over quality teachers to establish its footsteps in teaching profession. Secondly, SVB established Computer Centers with latest infrastructures to substantially give computer coverage not only to its students but also to the community around.

The Saraswathi College of Education & Research, Dombivli (E) is the 4th of its professional ventures and 2nd of its ventures on quality education. The 3rd of its ramifying venture being its College of Pharmacy for B. Pharma and post graducate Centre for M. Pharm. and is now processing for introduction of Doctoral level in Pharmaceutical Science Education.

The SVB Trust has plans of setting up a self financing University at Dawdi (Dombivli) to house all MBA, MCA, Engg. Degree and diploma college and so on.

In Community development the Trust has also taken forward steps through its many ventures for which it has acquired a vast land at Dawdi (Dombivli) and will be setting up Orphanage, Old Age Home, Community Centre and so on.

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